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Support the Jerk Shack Seattle Land Fund

We’re supporting Chef Trey Lamont’sJerk Shack Seattle Land Fund to help him realize his vision of making a significant difference in our underserved local black communities and future generations. See Trey’s statement below about the fund, make a contribution to his Go Fund Me, and please share the message with your followers. It’s our actions that will make the change we need.

We have been fortunate to start our business in a centralized location in Seattle however we acknowledged that is no longer where the black community resides. It is our desire to serve our community where they live. As a result we have initiated a Jerk Shack land fund to purchase the land we would like to build on. What this will allow us to do is create opportunities for the community we serve. The best example that I can think of is the locally Seattle based Dicks burgers drive in which is one of my favorites but also has all locations in historically predominantly white neighborhoods besides the newest Kent location, but has served the community well in providing great health insurance, child care assistance, and $25,000 college scholarships to working employees who go to school. I think that this a great program but I would like to bring the same to the communities that are underserved with resources. Everyone says the system is broken but I think it works perfectly for the ones who it was created for. I would like to create a new system and do my part the best way I know how, by creating one of inclusion for everyone in our neighborhoods, Setting an example of entrepreneurship, community, and social economic stability by showing the younger generation that a person that looks like them and comes from the same place as them can create opportunities that benefit the community as a whole. So please join me and donate to this land fund so we can continue to expand as a community together and build a legacy for the next generation.