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Hi. My name is Andrew. I never thought I’d be a bagel maker. That said, I’ve always loved feeding people, hosting friends, and seeing the delight they take in the food I make. After 20 long years of trying to fit my artistic personality into various business roles, mostly sales and marketing I found myself needing more. As a trained and practicing artist, I felt the need to work with my hands and had to figure out a way to do so as my living. There were many nay sayers…

 I knew I was no restaurateur… too many moving parts … but I had a dream to serve people, though I knew I had to keep it simple. My parents are consummate cooks, always iterating on their recipes. My father has never stopped tweaking his croissant recipe, chasing the dragon from something he remembered decades ago. It’s in our blood. 

I love bagels. Nothing like those from my memory growing up or from my trips to NYC existed here in Seattle (now there are some new exceptions popping up finally). Four years ago, in my typical jump first plan later tactics, I rolled up my sleeves and began testing recipes while also developing a business plan. Working with Angry Olive Consulting, I refined and refined the recipe, and they helped me prove through numbers and experience that this dream was a possibility.

I knew I wanted to use a high quality organic flour. I also knew I wanted to make a bagel, a bread product that wasn’t stripped of all its good nutrients by over processing. I also wanted a dough with flavor, salt, and a slight tang. Just some depth. I also knew I wanted a crust and a chew, not some round piece of bread. Finally, toppings. I love lots of toppings. Always felt ripped off when they were skimpy so, I knew I wanted to coat the tops in whatever seasoning I use.

 In May of 2019, I was given the great opportunity to begin bringing my round beauties to the public through the generosity of Ethan Stowell, offering me the morning hours of the kitchen at his Cortina restaurant. Covering close to seven miles in this kitchen every morning (I was a newbie, inefficient and the flow is not set up for bagel production) I’ve been serving them every weekday since through their Café Cortina in the second floor lobby of Two Union Square, downtown Seattle. UPDATE: Since Covid, we’re only delivering bagels.

The next step for us, for me? A Rubinstein Bagels brick and mortar coming to South Lake Union in the fall of 2020. Stay tuned…

And thanks for visiting. I hope you try the bagels and they delight you as much as they do me. 



Currently open for delivery.  Order online


Two Union Square, Second floor lobby,
601 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101


(206) 550-1666

Instagram: rubinstein_bagels
Facebook: @rubinsteinbagels


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