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Musang was founded by Filipina-American chef Melissa Miranda. Beginning as a series of brunch and dinner experiences in 2016, Musang has maintained the mission of bringing folks together in the spirit of community, with Filipinx-inspired food and experience as the mainstay.

Her father immigrated to the United States in the early 70’s and moved to Beacon Hill after spending time in Alaska. His friends knew him to drive a black Mustang, on which the T in the ‘Mustang’ decal fell off after some time. Among his inner circle and eventually within his neighborhood’s tight-knit Filipino community, he became known as Musang, which is also ‘Wild Cat’ translated in Tagalog.

Inspired by his passion for food and her fond childhood memories of being in the kitchen with him, Ate Mel moved back to Seattle in 2015 after time spent in Italy and NYC. From there she began her pop-ups, starting with her successful Feast of the Seven Fishes dinner at Bar del Corso.

Over the next three years, Musang would continue hosting pop-ups all over the city, while cultivating partnerships with non-profit organizations and collectives of Filipinx Leaders who shared a mission to push stories of food and overall cultural narrative. Finally, by the end of 2018, Musang made the decision to find a home in Beacon Hill. A successful Kickstarter raising over $90k proved that the city was ready and supportive of our journey. 

Musang is for us by us — community-driven and not chef-driven, a place to come sit at the table as part of something bigger than just food. We believe in cultivating an experience for our guests that will help pave the way for new and sustainable systems for our next generation.


Currently open for takeout and dine-in.  Order online


2524 Beacon Ave S,
Seattle, WA 98144


(206) 708-6871

Instagram: musangseattle
Facebook: @musangseattle




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Wednesday 11AM–8:30PM
Thursday 11AM–8:30PM
Friday 11AM–8:30PM
Saturday 11AM–8:30PM
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