Full Tilt Ice Cream makes all natural ice cream and frozen desserts with as much creativity and local ingredients as possible. Our retail outlets feature new and vintage arcade and pinball machines, an eclectic mix of sodas, an amazing mix of music on our stereos, and some of the finest beers the Northwest has to offer. After extensive research and testing, we have scientifically created a fun environment for people of all ages.

We were founded in 2008 by Ann Magyar and Justin Cline in the lovely neighborhood of White Center. Ann and Justin started with the idea to open a shop where families could hang out, artists could display their art, and everyone could eat great ice cream. After we mentioned the idea to a few friends, one of them told us they wished there was a place in the neighborhood to play pinball. Ann had once lived above a pinball parlor, and the idea stuck.

White Center was already a wonderful neighborhood, but it’s bad rap was keeping too many families from enjoying the amazing blend of restaurants and markets. Our hope was that Full Tilt would help bring the neighborhood out. It worked, and now we have shops in White Center, Ballard, University District, and Columbia City, and a couple more on the way.


Currently open for takeout.


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Facebook: @fulltilticecreams


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