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Best of Hands Barrelhouse is a specialty brewery opening March 8, 2019 in the iconic "cow building" of West Seattle.  Our brewery's focus is on farmhouse and sour ales inspired by those of Belgium and France but with an emphasis on Washington state ingredients, mixed-culture fermentation, and some spontaneous fermentation.  Our goal is to showcase the unique terroir (the combined influence of the soil, climate, and sunlight of a region on agricultural products such as fruit, hops, grains, and yeast) of our home, Washington state, while promoting community through brewing - and drinking - with the seasons.  As long-time Seattle beer industry laborers and Washington state craft beer enjoyers and promoters, our love for great and independent beer runs deep.  Best of Hands is more than a name to us; it's also a pledge*.  We will never cut corners.  We will never package beer past its prime.  We will always strive to deliver the best beer drinking experience you've ever had.  When you enter our establishment, you should expect to enjoy rustic ales crafted by the Best of Hands.

Most recently the home of John's Deli & Market, the "cow building" structure dates to the 1920s, and started out as Bee's Meat Market (Bee’s husband was the butcher).  West Seattle residents would go hunting and take their game to Bee's to have it butchered, wrapped, and put in one of the freezer lockers the establishment rented out.  At the time, not many people had large freezers of their own so they would rent space at Bee’s; they would then go and select the cut they wanted for dinner and leave the rest in the locker.  After Bee’s closed, Bob Dunn put in Dunn's Deli.  Afterwards it became John’s Deli & Market. With its life-sized effigy of a Polled Hereford atop the roof (heralding back to the Bee's Meat Market days), the building has long been recognized as a community hub, landmark, and sign post for West Seattleites and commuters alike.  

We're extremely excited to bring our beer and vision to West Seattle and the "cow building." We couldn't have hoped for a better talisman to preside over our new endeavor. 


Nicholas Marianetti, Chris Richardson, & Gregory Marlor

*It's also partially derived from one of our favorite albums, Bear Vs. Shark's debut full-length Right Now, You're in the Best of Hands.  And If Something Isn't Quite Right, Your Doctor Will Know in a Hurry.  Yes, we're all card-carrying music zealots here!


Currently open for takeout and dine-in. 


7500 35th Ave SW,
Seattle, WA 98126


(206) 708-1166

Instagram: bestofhands
Facebook: @bestofhandsbarrelhouse



Wednesday 3–8PM
Thursday 3–8PM
Friday 3–8PM
Saturday 1–8PM
Sunday 1–8PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed

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This website is a 100% volunteer effort, and we could use your help to bring more awareness to our communities and neighbors. By sporting this very stylish and comfortable Limited Edition T-Shirt from Seattle Shirt Company, you can show that you are dedicated to supporting local business. Plus, all proceeds from t-shirt sales will go directly toward helping us keep this website running and further spreading awareness. THANK YOU!