The inspiration for Little Grandma’s Kitchen (a.k.a. LG’s Kitchen) comes from a very special grandmother. Born in January of 1925, on the island of Bermuda, she has persevered and accomplished many things throughout her life.  She was a secretary, traveled throughout the US during wartime with a theatrical production and even drove across the country on the back of a motorcycle with her husband. As a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother she instilled a sense of pride, forthrightness, perseverance, compassion and humor in the lives of all those who have had the pleasure of getting to know her. To this day, a beautiful and caring soul she can still be found in her kitchen to shed light, humor and reality on what’s truly important in life. Little Grandma’s Kitchen was founded on principles that she instilled in her family by never giving up on them or letting them give up on themselves. We hope that our food brings to you as much joy, comfort and happiness as she has given to us over the years. She is, and forever will be, Little Grandma, the Original L.G.


Currently open for takeout and delivery. 


8433 NE 10th St,
Medina, WA 98039


(425) 522-3424

Instagram: lgs_kitchen
Facebook: @lgskitchen.dylan


Everyday 7 am - 2 pm