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Layers Sandwich Co. wasn’t born over night, duh. It took a lot of coffee, beers, tears, heartfelt discussions, blood, sweat and a few more tears.

Together, and with a massive amount of support from family and friends, we’ve built what we believe to be a reflection of who we are today.

We are Layers Sandwich Co. and this is our story.

(Avery Hardin) It all started in Santa Barbara, CA. I was lucky enough to grow up in a place that taught me to appreciate the simplicity and abundance that I was surrounded by. Centered on the coast of California, in an absolute perfect climate with some of the highest quality ingredients; it’s where I developed my love for cooking. I was spoiled in a way, because there wasn’t another place like it in my opinion - until I moved to Seattle. It was here, under the tutelage of Renée Erickson and Bobby Palmquist that my appreciation for where and how ingredients were sourced became reasserted. They both believed in me, but also truly helped me understand why I thrive in this industry.

(Ashley Hardin)I am all over the place. I’ve always had a love for food, for service, for dining, but was never sure where those interests would take me. Growing up in the deserts of El Paso, TX and Boulder City, NV limited my exposure to the freshest, most quality ingredients. But my perspective shifted once I moved to Santa Barbara, CA. There I studied food photography and worked with Rori Trovato of Rori’s Creamery as well as David Lentz’s The Hungry Cat. Through those experiences and being surrounded by the Central Coast’s abundant ingredient mecca, I finally had a reason, a lens, to capture all of that beauty through. And I developed a broad set of skills that have guided me into what I am doing today.


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